Award best PhD thesis

Every year, the Catalan Nutrition Center (CCNIEC) of the Institute for Catalan Studies (IEC) in Catalonia (Spain) recognizes the best doctoral theses’ in the field of food science and nutrition. In the current edition, our very own Beatriz Quintanilla Casas has been awarded the CCNIEC-Eroski Foundation 2022 Prize for her doctoral thesis, titled “Development ofContinue reading “Award best PhD thesis”

PARADISe for untargeted GC-MS

We are extremely happy and proud to announce our first official version of the PARADISe software. It transforms untargeted GC-MS data from large sample sets into peak tables in a very simple, robust and reproducible manner. And it is very easy to use. You can find it at where you can also find information onContinue reading “PARADISe for untargeted GC-MS”

Process Analytical Technology PhD defense

On November 11, 2022, Margherita Tonolini very successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled “Process Analytical Technology in whey processing: on-line selective protein quantification”. Here she is with the two supervisors Søren Balling Engelsen and Frans van den Berg. And with two of the committee members, Marina Cocchi and Morten Lykkegaard Christensen. Want to read theContinue reading “Process Analytical Technology PhD defense”

New PhD: Quality assessment of wine with fluorescence spectroscopy

The aim of this project is to create a concept design for a novel fluorescence-based instrument for the objective assessment of wine quality. This will be done to meet the demand from winemakers for a fast, easy-to-use measurement of the chemicals important for the sensorial attributes of wine. The project will achieve this by establishingContinue reading “New PhD: Quality assessment of wine with fluorescence spectroscopy”

PhD defence – The Physicochemical Stability of Oat-based Drinks

Tiffany Patra defended her thesis entitled: The Physicochemical Stability of Oat-based Drinks – with an Emphasis on Rapid Spectroscopy and LF-NMR Characterisation The oat-based drink is a popular dairy alternative, and the product is considered healthy due to the presence of β-glucan dietary fibers. However, natural plant-based drinks without additives have less physical stability thanContinue reading “PhD defence – The Physicochemical Stability of Oat-based Drinks”

New NIR data available

Data comes from a MSc thesis project and consists of 216 samples of granules in glass vials analysed by NIR. A downscaled dry granulation process was developed during the project and designed such that three quality attributes variances could be controlled: Triplicates were produced of each attribute combination. Each sample was measured three times usingContinue reading “New NIR data available”