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Here you find our latest PhD theses.

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Eleni IoannidiThe crystal state of chocolate. Using spectroscopy and multivariate data analysis to evaluate the dynamics 2023Ioannidi_PhD Thesis
Margherita TonoliniProcess Analytical Technology in whey processing: on-line selective protein quantification2022Get the file
Tiffany PatraThe Physicochemical Stability of Oat-based Drinks2022Get the file
Giacomo BaccoloChemometrics approaches for the automatic analysis of metabolomics GC-MS data2022Thesis Giacomo Baccolo
Nicola CavalliniNew tools for exploratory analysis fusing information from different sources2019Get the file
Iuliana Madalina StoicaCharacterization of surface fouling and biofilm formation under water reuse scenarios in dairy and meat industry2018Get the file
Francisca Folque GouveiaChemometrics and Process Analytical Technology: Applications in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industries2018Get the file
Thomaz Edson Veloso Da SilvaEducometrics - From theory to application2017Get the file
Peter Bæk SkouProcess-water characterisation and quality monitoring in the dairy industry - moving towards replacing potable water2017Get the file
Tine RingstedNear infrared spectroscopy of food systems using a supercontinuum laser2017Get the file
Alessia TrimignoA 'FOODOMIC' approach for the evaluation of Food Quality and its impact on the Human Metabolome2017Get the file
Nunzia IaccarinoNMR-based metabolomics applications: from food to human biofluids2017Get the file
Alessandra BiancolilloMethod development in the area of multi-block analysis focused on food analysis2016Get the file
Carina SvendsenOn-line Monitoring of Fermentation Processes by Near Infrared and Fluorescence Spectroscopy - elucidating and exploring process dynamics2016Get the file
Anna KlimkiewicsMultivariate Statistical Process Optimization in the Industrial Production of Enzymes2016Get the file
Carl Emil Aae EskildsenPrediction of milk quality parameters using vibrational spectroscopy and chemometrics – opportunities and challenges in milk phenotyping2016Get the file
Milad KhorasaniNear-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy and NIR chemical imaging as process monitoring solutions in production of solid dosage forms2015Get the file
Parvaneh EbrahimiMetabolic profiling of food protective cultures by in vitro NMR spectroscopy2015Get the file
Jannie Krog JensenInvestigation of Filtration Membranes from the Dairy Protein Industry for Residual Fouling using Infrared Spectroscopy and Chemometrics2015Get the file
Maj-Britt Schmidt AndersenDiscovery of food exposure markers in urine and evaluation of dietary compliance by untargeted LC-MS metabolomics2014Get the file
Louise Beltoft Borup AndersenDietary Patterns in Childhood - Relation to Growth, Obesity & Parental Characteristics2014Get the file
Solveig WarneckeNew PAT tools for assessing content uniformity, sampling error, and degree of crystallinity in pharmaceutical tablets2014Get the file
Marie van MaarschalkerweerdNew Ways to Determine Plant Nutrient Deficiencies Using Fast Spectroscopy2014Get the file
Karin KjeldahlTowards improved biomarker research - Data analytical challenges of high-dimensional biological data2014Get the file
Lotte Bøge LyndgaardApplications of Raman Spectroscopy and Multivariate Data Analysis in Food and Pharmaceutical Sciences2013Get the file
Maja H. Kamstrup-NielsenMetabolomics - From a chemometrics point of view2013Get the file
Signe HoffFrom Barley to Beer - Oxidation througout the brewing process2013Get the file 
Anja Niehues BrichAROMA OF WHEAT BREAD CRUMB - Effect of fermentation temperature and baker’s yeast2013Get the file
Bekzod Khakimov BahromovichMetabolomics and bioactive substances in plants2013Get the file 
Karla M. Deza DurandFactors important for the shelf-life of minimally processed lettuce2013Get the file
Lea Giørtz JohnsenProcessing chromatographic signals - how to separate the wheat from the chaff2013Get the file
Gözde GürdenizData Handeling Strategies in Nutritional Metabolomics - illustrated using metabolic states and trans-fat exposures2013Get the file
Mette Skau MikkelsenComparison of functional and nutritional characteristics of barley and oat mixed linkage β-glucans2013Get the file
Lina NuobarienePhytases in Yeast and Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Grain-based Food2012Get the file
Jonas Hoeg ThygesenDynamic Models and Chemometric - Tools for Process Monitoring2012Get the file
Mina Mmoni MoseleChemical and Structural Characterisation of Marama Bean (Tylosema esculentum) Carbohydrates2012Get the file
Mette HolseThe Marama Bean Composition & Potential2012Get the file
Marta Jolanda PopielarzThe Effect of Ethylene Inhibition on "Ildrød Pigeon" Apple Quality and Aroma Profile2012Get the file
Esben Skibsted HolmVolatile Organic Compounds as Quality Markers in Cooked and Sliced Meat Products2012Get the file
Morten Arendt RasmussenMedicometrics2012Get the file 
Anders Juul LawaetzFluorescence Spectroscopy and Chemometrcis - Applied in Cancer Diagnostics and Metabonomics2011Get the file
Mette KristensenNUTRI-METABOLOMICS - Effect and Exposure Markers of Apple and Pectin Intake2011Get the file
Kristoffer LaursenNew Tools For Assessment of Chromatographic Data2011Get the file
Margaret OwusuInfluence of raw material and processing on aroma in chocolate2010Get the file
Christian Lyndgaard HansenOptimization of Dairy Processes - Applied Spectroscopy and Chemometrics2010Get the file
Niels Johan ChristensenMolecular Structure and Functionality of Health Promoting Molecules in Food - with emphasis on β-glucan 2009Get the file
Carsten RavnNear-infrared Chemical Imaging in Formulation - Development of Solid Dosage Forms2009Get the file
Tina SalomonsenAlginate Composition by Solid-State Spectroscopy and Chemometrics2009Get the file
Hanne WinningQuantitative multivariate NMR spectroscopy in Food Science and Nutrition2009Get the file
Vibeke Tølbøl SvenssonHandling Complex Data in Food Analysis - A Chemometric Approach2009Get the file
Michael Riis HansenFood uses of enzyme-modified starches2009Get the file
Peter Ibsen HansenMolecular Modeling and NMR Studies of Starch Structural Motifs2008Get the file
Thomas SkovMathematical Resolution of Complex Chromatographic Measurements2008Get the file
Evrim AcarUnderstanding Epilepsy Seizure Structures using Tensor Analysis2008Get the file
Helene Fast SeefeldtPhenomic study of glucan synthesis in developing barley endosperm mutant seeds using spectroscopy, chemometrics and spectral inspection2008Get the file
Erik TønningWheat baking quality in a process analytical perspective - Sampling, diversification, prediction and chemometric method development2007Get the file
Merete Møller NielsenThe fate of phytic acid and vitamin E during processing of rye and wheat2007Get the file
Christian B. ZachariassenProcess Analytical Chemistry and Technology in Pectin Production2007Get the file
Giorgio TomasiPractical and computational aspects in chemometric data analysis2006Get the file
Camilla VarmingAroma of black currant juice - The effect of thermal treatment and juice concentration2005Get the file
Stina Frosch MøllerThe Importance of Data Quality and Traceability in Data Mining. Applications of Robust Methods for Multivariate Data Analysis. - A Case-Study Conducting the Herring Industry2005Get the file
Jakob ChristensenAutofluorescence of Intact Food - An Exploratory Multi-way Study2005Get the file
Ghita Studsgaard NielsenFormation of Aroma Compounds in Leek during Processing and Storage - with Emphasis on the Enzymes Lipoxygenase, Hydroperoxide Lyase, Alcohol Dehydrogenase, and Alliinase2004Get the file
Åsmund RinnanApplication Parafac on Spectral Data2004Get the file 
Elisabeth MicklanderQuantitative, Qualitative and Exploratory Analysis of Food Using Spectroscopy and Chemometrics2004Get the file
Marianne DyrbyMultivariate Analysis of High-Field NMR Data in Food and Medicine2004Get the file
Birthe Pontoppidan MøllerScreening analyses for quality criteria in barley - Predicting germinative and physical-chemical properties by spectroscopy evaluated by multivariate data analysis.2004Get the file
Charlotte Møller AndersenNew aspects of chemometrics applied to spectroscopy - examples from research in fish production2003Get the file
Jesper Pram NielsenFast quality assessment of barley and wheat: Chemometric exploration of instrumental data with single seed applications2002Get the file
Dorthe Kjaer PedersenSpectroscopic and Chemometric exploration of food quality - Early prediction of meat quality2002Get the file
Henrik Toft PedersenLow-field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Chemometrics Applied in Food Science2001Get the file
Frans van den BergOptimal Process Analyzer Selection and Positioning for Plant-Wide Monitoring2001Get the file
Dorrit BaunsgaardAnalysis of Color Impurities in Sugar Processing using Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Chemometric2000Get the file
Claus A. AnderssonExploratory Multivariate Data Analysis with Applications in Food Technology2000Get the file
Jesper BrøndumOn-line Evaluation of Meat Quality Using Multivariate Data Techniques1999Get the file
Rasmus BroMulti-way analysis in the Food Industry, Models Algorithms, and Applications1998Get the file