Menstrual effluent – A new biospecimen for surveillance biomarker patterns

Menstrual effluent has the potential to act as a versatile biospecimen allowing for longitudinal studies providing chemical snapshots of multiple hours, with a non-invasive sampling method that can be done from home. Half of the menstrual effluent is blood, apart from this it consists of vaginal fluids, epithelia, enzymes and tissue from multiple origin of the abdomen. Sampling menstrual effluent from 20 women for 3 cycle days during 3 menstrual cycles and a venous blood sample at each period, we will characterize the metabolome using H-NMR. An explorative and comprehensive data analysis is examining both natural variance, lifestyle parameters, day-to-day and period-to-period differences and correlations with venous blood metabolome. 

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Chemometrics really - AI/ML if you insist, but chemo- is the magic ingredient

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