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Are you interested in learning a simple and free tool for turning untargeted GC-MS data into peak tables. And do so with less time, less user-dependence and with more analytes recovered. Then you may want to learn how to use PARADISe, a stand-alone Windows program for just that. We are running a two-day course on how to use the software:

PARADISe : a user friendly software for untargeted analysis of Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC MS) data

Traditionally, GC-MS data analysis follows a targeted approach that involves several time consuming steps (integration and quantification), usually carried out sample by sample, being also subject to inter-user variability. Furthermore, interesting compounds are often left undiscovered due either to practical reasons or analytical limitations (limit of detection and quantification). PARADISe is a user-friendly tool for GC-MS deconvolution and identification It allows to perform untargeted analysis, meaning that all compounds present in the samples are considered, while overcoming the problems mentioned above.

The course is intended for GC-MS users at any level of expertise in any scientific
field, working in both academic and industrial environment Basic knowledge of chemometrics or statistics is advisable, but not mandatory.

This course will provide the participants a complete overview of the software, from theory to practice Participants are encouraged to bring and work with their own data, otherwise we will provide them with a dataset.

Teachers: Professor Rasmus Bro and Postdoc Beatriz Quintanilla Casas
Place: Online Microsoft Teams
Participation cost is 100 Euro
Registration: here!

Monday, November 13th 9-12 Theoretical background. The data science behind the tool
Monday, November 13th 12.30-15 Getting started with PARADISe
Tuesday, November 21 st 9-15 Discussion of your experience so far, troubleshooting, good practices and challenges

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