PhD defence – The Physicochemical Stability of Oat-based Drinks

Tiffany Patra defended her thesis entitled:

The Physicochemical Stability of Oat-based Drinks – with an Emphasis on Rapid Spectroscopy and LF-NMR Characterisation

The oat-based drink is a popular dairy alternative, and the product is considered healthy due to the presence of β-glucan dietary fibers. However, natural plant-based drinks without additives have less physical stability than cow’s milk. Many chemical and physical factors affect product stability. The measurements of these parameters are often laborious, lengthy, or change the food matrix, which introduces bias. Spectroscopy and low-field NMR methods have the benefit of providing rapid and in-situ measurements that give multivariate information. The use of the proper chemometrics technique is crucial for interpreting these datasets. This thesis aims to investigate the various stability profile in oat-based drinks using spectroscopic and low-field NMR methods

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